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Top Attractions for Tourists in Rio de Janeiro

A city that has been named as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO has its beauty hidden in those ridges of the mountains and the sapphire blues of the sea. There are more factors that make the city the heritage site it is apart from the natural wonders. A perfect blend of culture, greenery, and magnificent architecture make Rio a place worth visiting all year around. No tourist leaves this city in Brazil without the inundation of emotions and delight; a quality that other cities can only possibly dream of possessing. What more would a travel freak want from their journey than some adventures over the soaring mountains, the music, colorful culture, and a soak in the beaches? Here are some of the best attractions in the city of Rio that you must visit if you are flying there in the upcoming months.

1.      Cristo Redentor

You might know this as the colossal statue of Jesus Christ named as ‘Christ the Redeemer’ who has his arms wide open as a safeguarding gesture that stays intact for the locals of Rio. This 709-meter wondrous architecture is a widely recognized symbol of Rio. It is a creation of the Polish-French sculptor Paul Landowski and was erected in the early 1900s by the Brazilian Catholics. Head to the statue to see it without the usual crowds in the early morning with an experienced guide who can take you through the right track and show you the stunning views on the cable car.

Cristo Redentor

2.      Sugarloaf

Rio has its best-known landmark within a few meters from the monument of Christ the Redeemer. This natural creation towers at around 394 meters above the harbor and sits abutting the bay with the harbor wrapping it. A low strip of land connects the Sugarloaf to the land, which is only required if you are exploring it on feet. You could take the cable car from Praca General Tiburcio to Morro da Urca. Board a second cable car from the top of that low peak.

3.      Copacabana

Not every beach has a town with tall buildings that encompass the waters. If you want to enjoy a morning at the beach, head over to Copacabana, and as you leave for the day, visit the smaller streets in the neighboring areas for a sight of the appealing old buildings and beautiful murals. You also get to try new cuisines and cafes that occupy this street exuding culture. The Copacabana Palace and the Copacabana Fort are the two major attractions in the vicinity of the beach. Pay a visit to the Museu Historico do Exercito to have an informative tour through the military history of the city.


4.      Carnaval

It is a winter event that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, similar to the ones in Venice and New Orleans. Try planning your trip to the beginning of a New Year as the artists start their extravagant performances right after the 1st of January. All the celebrations come to an end four days before Ash Wednesday; so, get your tickets to Rio in these first three months of the year.

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